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CROATIA - a fresh and free nation, ready to welcome all world travelers as friends and as esteemed guests into the old world! Let Croatian Guides accompany you in your discovery and celebration of this European country on the Adriatic, neighboring Italy. Croatia is a country boasting friendly locals where extraordinary adventures abound.
We offer you well planned, worry-free, customized or group trips led by native, top-notch guides. Our itineraries show off this old, once Roman, once Yugoslavian, and now new nation of breathtaking sights. Our brilliant and magnetically charming local guides and hosts, all specialize in presenting the dynamic culture and history of Croatia in an adventurous and hands-on way. Traveling with us ensures you an experience that is not only luxurious, but also engaging.
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If you're looking to customize your trip to Croatia, we also specialize in arranging unique itineraries according to your exclusive interests! A customized trip is one in which you, the client, choose all tours, destinations, and travel companion(s) who join you on your adventure. Friendships, international wisdom, and exceptional service are what places our journeys a full frontier above the standard routine trips to Croatia. Click here to discover the hidden treasures of Croatia and the spectacular Croatian Riviera, best known as the Dalmatian Coast.
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The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is a region of intimate ports where the primary European cultures have steeped into an exciting Roman, Austrian, Byzantine, and Slavic mosaic of art & architecture, history & music, organic cuisine & alluring wines. Join us all in journey, as we capture historic understanding of this diverse and dynamic culture.

Tour major sights - from the native perspective - captivate yourself over the lesser-known treasures of the enchanting Dalmatian Coast - it has over 1,000 islands to wander. Travel in luxurious comfort and European style. Feast on freshly prepared regional cuisine with local specialties, superior service, and award-winning spirits.
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You will enjoy this fascinating country with an expert group leader, and well articulated, English speaking local tour guides, that will leave you with a cross-cultural experience far beyond what you ever imagined.

If none of our dates work for your plans, we can still help you with creating custom trips to Croatia to suit your individual needs. Feel free to Contact Us.